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About Dan J Cote (GEEKSMACKED)

Digital/AI Artist and Musician

Creating art in the chaos…Digital art generated with the help of Artificial Intelligence. I utilize both the VQGAN+Clip and the Clip-Guided Diffusion algorithms to create art pieces that have a wide range of themes from Sci-fi, Surreal and Abstract. 

GeekSmacked is Digital A.I. art created in collaboration with a human at the helm.

For every piece of art generated I give it a backstory to help the viewer further imagine and interpret the world that has been created.  In early 2021, I decided to begin uploading art and created NFTs out of them (Non Fungible Tokens). This is basically the modern day equivalent of my digital signature on my Digital/AI art that is recorded on the Blockchain. I release a new art piece daily, you can purchase NFTs at the following NFT marketplaces:

I also play drums and write lyrics in my band called The Reverse Engineers. I’ve also been the Art Director when it comes to album covers and singles. To hear my music visit The Reverse Engineers website.