Tron Virtual Reality Game and movie – Exploring the possibilities

“The Grid…A digital frontier…I kept dreaming of a world I thought I’d never see and then one day I got in…” – Kevin Flynn

Oculus Rift opens the door for VR game developers to rebuild the Grid from Tron. These are my thoughts on the possibilites of the Grid within a Tron Virtual Reality Game and a possible Social Hub. I will also explore the possibilities of a fully immersive Tron Movie experience.

Entering the Grid


In Virtual Reality you’ll want to explore every environment you find your self in. I envision hearing the 80’s music echoing down from Flynn’s Arcade. You then proceed to sit down at Flynn’s Desk and enter commands to be scanned into the Grid. You are transported to the Grid. First stop, the Game Arena.

Game Arena

Disc Battles

sam-flynnTo feel fully immersed in the Game Arena there would need to be some type of reactive vest that will allow you to feel the impact of a Disc hitting you or deflecting the Disc during your Disc Battle. The visuals of being blasted into bits or sections of you being derezzed during battle would be intense.



Light Cycles

Tron-Light-Cycle-BattlesThere has been some progress towards the development of a Tron Light Cycles game, but it appears to be in the early development stages. It has the right approach to what the Light Cycle game experience could be but I imagine visuals that are as intense as those in the Tron Legacy movie. Complete with multiple Light Cycles and battling with multiple other competitors. The ability to fall off of your Light Cycle and then have the ability to attempt to recapture a Light Cycle and get back onto to the Light Cycle would make the experience more complete. View the video below to view one developers vision of a Light Cycle game:


Light Fighter Battles

light-fighter-dog-fightSoaring through the grid in a dog fight battle with another Light Fighter, this opens up some interesting concepts of who you are in the battle. Are you the pilot? Are you in a 3 man Light Fighter? Are you manning the weapons to fire at other Light Fighters? The battle should soar over the entire sky of the Grid, over Tron City, the Outlands, and a final approach towards the Portal.

Social Experiences within the Grid

“Libations for Everybody!” at the End of the Line Club


Want to take a break from the Games and enjoy some drinks and dance along to the music of Daft Punk? A multi-level virtual club is where you could people watch and relax. Take in the view of the City from the windows of the club. Or maybe you need to find out some information from Zuse to help you on your quest for the Portal.

Imagine enjoying a night with your real world friends (that might be many miles away from you)…and coming together for some fun at the End of the Line Club. This could make for a very different Friday Night. The Grid would need to be able to become a MMO game (massive multiplayer online game) to make this possible. Connecting via Virtual Reality within the Grid will be a challenge but within the realm of possibility as Virtual Reality becomes more social. Facebook is a huge player in the social scene and they are funding social in VR. So it’s just a matter of time before this could be a seamless social experience.

Own your own part of the Grid

Tron_Legacy_flynn-residencePurchasing real estate within a virtual world isn’t something new, Second Life has been doing it for years. Imagine if you could live in Tron City and have your own apartment to design and furnish. To help pay for your apartment, maybe you would open your own Light Cycle Dealership and sell new models of Light Cycles to the citizens of Tron City in exchange for Bitcoins? There are endless possibilities for the exchange of merchandise in the world of Tron.


Looking towards the future – a TRON Virtual Reality Movie

Imagine experiencing a first person view of interactions between characters as you follow them through scenes inside a Tron Movie Experience. This could be approached in 2 different ways. The first being a linear movie experience that has a beginning and an end. The 2nd approach that would be more interesting would be a “choose your own adventure” movie experience. Maybe you want to follow Quorra’s storyline and experiences before the destruction of the ISOs. Or you could choose to be Clu and rule over the Grid and send your programs into battle. Depending on which character you decide to follow would give you a different experience each time you entered the Grid movie. For the production of the next Avatar movies they have created a virtual set that allows them to turn the camera around and see into the world of Avatar. The filming of their characters in that world can then be seen immediately and show what the characters look like in Pandora. This type of technology could be utilized to create the expansive world of Tron and help create a Tron Movie universe. This would be a whole new way to feel immersed in a Tron movie as you become part of the action as it occurs around you.

Disney are you listening?

Disney’s decision to not proceed on a 3rd Tron movie and also the cancellation of Tron: Uprising left a Tron fanbase scratching their heads and wondering why you would abandon such a rich universe that you’ve created.

Be innovative. Build a Virtual Reality Grid and we will come.

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