Virtual & Mixed Reality Headsets will become one in the future


Virtual Reality headsets close you off from the real world and is the ultimate escapism form of entertainment. The Hololens is mixed reality and superimposes objects into your real world surroundings as holograms. These headsets have very different goals but both include entertainment and real world applications. What if the two different devices merged into one headset? In the near future I can imagine someone with VR glasses that simply look like sunglasses that are more of a rounded band that would cover you eyes and block out the real world. Then with the push of a button the glasses optics would be able to switch over to the mixed reality view.  Computing power is only increasing as the years go by, the horsepower to power a combined headset like this would be a challenge…but I think it will eventually happen.  A big part of the need for such a device is the social situation that you are in. If you are at a party watching football you’ll want to utilize all of the benefits of the Hololens mixed reality technology for your experience. If you are at home after a long day at work, you’ll want to just escape into VR for awhile and forgot about your troubles. Your experience with the technology has to be painless and very intuitive. It will take great design engineering and a downsizing of the current technology to make this really work well. We are in the early days of virtual and mixed reality. The future is bright, I got wear Virtual Mixed Reality shades while I enjoy my commute to work in my self driving car. 

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