Kirby Krackle – Fun Nerd Rock Inspired by Geek Culture


I found Kirby Krackle while searching for music to feature that was related to Geek Culture. I have found a treasure trove of geek-related music with this band! The band has released 6 independently released albums since 2009. The fun thing about listening to Kirby Krackle is that their songs are about quirky geek related topics like comic book superheroes or the zombie apocalypse. The songs are catchy and are definitely Nerd-rock. The songs are very well produced and the song writing is great. The videos are just as creative as the music. My favorite song right now is called Ring Capacity. The video for the song is all in the style of an animated comic book, even the band is animated in the video.

Kirby Krackle has wisely embraced using Patreon to help fund their songs and videos. Their business model for making music and new videos makes complete sense. When you support Kirby Krackle on Patreon, you automatically become a Kirby Krackle Music Fan Club member. Members receive 2 brand-new exclusive songs monthly, and only certain songs will be released to the public for sale after 4 months. So the die-hard fans get more music than the casual listeners. Once again cool idea, this is a great way for them to churn out music and then publicly release select songs.

I need to see this band live if they make their way down to Florida.

Support Kirby Krackle on Patreon.


Watch the video for “Ring Capacity” (Green Lantern song):

Watch the video for “We Had a Good Run”:

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