The Future of Music is in Video Games

the future of music is in video games

The time has come where independent musicians should connect with indie video game developers to create innovative and immersive experiences.

It’s funny to think back to the early games like Pac-man, where just beeps and electronic synth sounds provided the sounds for the action occuring on screen. Fast forward to the present and the games from the bigger game development studios have symphonies creating the soundscape. The indie game developer doesn’t have that type of budget. This is where I see the opportunity for independent musicians to connect with indie game developers.

With the rise of indie games, there is opportunity for independent musicians to reach out to small game development teams and possibly get their music featured in a video game.

The next logical step for musicians would be to release albums that are soundtracks to video games that they have contributed music to. Songs could break out of the 4 minute average song length. Bands could release condensed versions of the extended length songs that were created for a video game. Or go the opposite direction and create concept albums that have story lines that could become part of a video game or virtual reality game.

Making money as a musician is becoming increasingly difficult. With the freemium model of streaming music, artists can no longer make money on digital downloads. Only by touring and selling merchandise can musicians make a living in music. Innovation is the only answer to the current sense of limbo surrounding the distribution of online music and the decreasing profitability of that business model. Video games might just be the music industry’s savior.

If an independent musician can get their music in a game that is downloaded anywhere from 100,000 to 1 million downloads, this is a huge opportunity to get your music heard and get huge exposure to a large audience.

Or Build Your Own Game and Provide the Music

Game Engines for indie game development have become so advanced that you can literally create a game without having to write a line of code. For an ambitious and creative musician, you might want to consider learning game development and create a game to go along with the release of your next album. Earn your living building games and use your storytelling and music writing skills…all within one medium. The future of music is in video games…

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