Building Virtual Reality Games Directly in VR

Building-VR-in-VR-Unreal-Engine-4The advances in virtual reality game development are just as amazing the technology. You can now develop a virtual reality game while you are immersed in VR. Welcome to the future of game development. Unreal Engine and Unity3D both have developed the tools to create and structure your VR game environment while in VR. Having all the game engine tools available from the game dev editor while in VR allows the game developer to know exactly how the experience will translate to those who play the game. I see a huge leap forward in the speed of game development with these new tools. The video below will show you a demo of the VR editor in action. I need an Oculus Rift!  I could spend hours developing a game while in virtual reality. This is one more step towards the dreams of a Holodeck. I can imagine these same tools being used to create an environment for the set of a virtual reality movie. Match it with motion capture on your actors and you would be able to quickly create an intense short VR film that is only limited by your imagination.  

Watch the Unreal Engine VR Editor preview video:

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