Best Crowdfunding Sites for Indie Game Developers

Crowdfunding for game developers can be a challenge. There have been many Kickstarter campaigns that never reach their goal and then any money that was pledged is lost when you don’t reach the goal. The all or nothing crowdfunding makes no sense to me.

I recommend that Game Developers use the following sites to Crowd-fund their game development:

indiegogo – This site only takes a 5% fee on transactions. Indiegogo has 2 funding models, the first being like Kickstarter where it’s an all or nothing funding. The 2nd option which would make more sense for Game Developers is the Flexible Funding option. This option allows you to keep the money from any funding even if you don’t reach your funding goal.

Check out their Gaming Section of their Site.

patreonLogo – This site only takes a 5% fee on transactions as well. Patreon was created to support artists and creators. The Games section of their site isn’t as widely used. Game Developers should use this opportunity to get more attention for their games, since their isn’t as many developers using Patreon yet. I like the business¬† model of Patreon. You basically allow people to pay you a recurring monthly amount to help support your creative endeavors. This could be used in an interesting way if you were to have a game that had multiple chapters. Your fans on Patreon could help fund the creation of new chapters or levels of your games. You could offer special rewards to fans on various subscription tiers. Maybe the higher priced levels of support could be offered for fans that would get first access to the beta versions of levels of games in development. Another possible use of Patreon would be to offer behind the scenes videos of the game in development.

Suggestions for other ways to support Indie Game Developers? Please mention them in the comments.

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